Felanitx: A dream of a wooden house on Mallorca

What can help nature, the global climate, to "breathe again"?

Better sustainable living

… possibly opting for a climate-friendly wooden house that can be converted into valuable energy at the end of its life.

Wooden houses with many advantages

Further advantages are a minimal production and construction time of less than a year with brilliant energy efficiency properties, which means that heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology can be saved or even dispensed with. So-called “MHM” solid wood walls protect against noise and offer excellent fire protection values. In warm and cold conditions, a natural moisture regulation is created, which enables a very healthy indoor climate.

Wonder house = wooden house?

Can it be true that this house is so ecologically sensible and well thought out that it does not harm nature and is only good for people – not least thanks to its supposedly completely chemical-free production? Glue-free and organic. The reason is explained on the manufacturer’s website:

To the offer

In short, the solid wood house system, which can currently be purchased turnkey on a plot of land like the one in Cas Concos near Felanitx on Mallorca from an investment of €1,650,000.00 including pool, seems to have been intelligently thought out, see

The wooden house in the countryside

In September 2023, we looked at the site of the future timber house. The location is very hidden, easily accessible by car. Anyone looking for an idyllic retreat surrounded by greenery has the opportunity to get involved in this innovative real estate project in the east of the island and actively determine how this clever wooden house on Mallorca is finished.

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