Accessibility in Palma de Mallorca: An island for everyone!


Palma - also a paradise for wheelchair users

Who wants to wake up on Mallorca and enjoy their first coffee of the day next to a palm tree? It’s not that self-evident. Bastian is a wheelchair user himself, raves about Palma and is willing to do a little more so that people who are otherwise disabled in their everyday lives can enjoy – at least temporarily – extraordinary freedom on Mallorca.

MENTAL STRENGTH, which is priceless

Bastian Krösche, a Mallorcan by choice, is an entrepreneur, a young man in his 30s, self-confident, creative, courageous and honest with himself, knows what he can do and has literally made friends with natural impairments. Because his life is different. Constant support 24/12 and 365 days a year are part of his everyday life.


An alert, powerful spirit lives in his body. Bastian suffers from spinal muscular atrophy type II. This is a congenital, progressive muscle weakness. His everyday life includes an electric wheelchair and a PEG feeding tube. The media professional blogs about his life with PEG here: In this blog, he informs and reports very honestly, very vividly and amusingly about his fate, which he does not obviously struggle with. Because he loves life and is an angel among men who wants to help other wheelchair users find their dream hotel on Mallorca. Bastian himself trusts specialists to protect his life. Other people employ bodyguards, Bastian his carers, who are available to him on a rotating basis, accompany him every step of the way and help him, for example with drinking, and can rescue him in an emergency, as last happened in the summer of 2023. Bastian wrote about it here:

(Physical) lack of freedom, produces barriers

But Bastian’s philosophy is that barriers are there to be overcome. Bastian says he does this much better on Mallorca. “The Germans’ favorite vacation island is surprisingly barrier-free,” he reports from his own experience and now dreams of giving wheelchair users even more freedom on Mallorca. Start-up capital is still needed to found a non-profit organization.


Because good ideas sometimes need more “tailwind”. This way:

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